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"Tom Is A Genius... Just
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“After winning a 2CC award and doing over 3M in business, I thought I had seen it all. But I hit a creative wall. Then Tom and Lauren came over.

They handled everything – the script, the shots, even the edits. All I did was watch, laugh, and see results. If you’re looking for effortless creativity, Tom is you guy!”

Doug Boughton


"My Readers LOVE My Ads! Thank you!"

“I wrote a children’s book and knew, thanks to Gary V, just how vital the right content is. But ads? I didn’t want some basic, boring ads.

Tom and his team wrote and filmed an ad for me ON THE SPOT in the SAME DAY. I was blown away by their brilliance. For instant creativity, look no further.”

Laura Petersen


"I Was So Nervous Filming, But Holy Crap!"

“Tom’s coaching reshaped my offer, giving me clarity and direction. So, on a whim, I took a 7.5-hour drive just to meet him.

That same day, we brainstormed, wrote, and filmed. The results? Phenomenal. Their skill in ad creation is unmatched. This is the dream team.”

Justin Morgan


Why Hire Us?

Let’s be honest — a brand without engaging ads is like a captivating book with a dull cover.

This Is Where Our Expertise Comes In.

Our ads and funnels aren’t just visual treats; they’re strategic masterpieces. They not only grab attention but also build your credibility and amplify your sales.

Every frame is tailored to guide your ideal audience right to your doorstep.

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Let's Find The Funny In Your Business

Project Highlight

Doug Boughton

Doug, a multiple 2CC awards with $3M online, hit a creative block. He hated filming content. Within minutes of working with us, he absolutely loved filming. We had a lot of fun and the result: over 20 killer ads.

Project Overview:

We Write • We Film • You Earn

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Doug

Doctor Doug: Business Proctologist

Project Highlight

She Sells Scottsdale

Pam, a Scottsdale realtor, had branding and a website, but filming ads scared her. “I don’t know how to be funny,” she confessed. Yet, after our session, she exclaimed, “I can’t believe I am funny!” Together, we turned her fear into over 26 comedic gems.

Project Overview:

We Write • We Film • You Earn

Where’s The Rent

The Ice Scraper

Project Highlight

Justin Morgan

Justin Morgan met Tom at a ClickFunnels event online. From there, it was magic. They rolled up their sleeves and built a business from the ground up. Justin relied on us to craft offers, launch webinars, and build funnels. And the ads? Justin LOVED them.

Project Overview:

We Write • We Film • You Earn

Investor Influencers Suck

Elephant In The Room

Project Highlight

Paula Shaw

Paula Shaw presented us with a unique challenge: blending humor with the sensitive subject of grief. But as Barney Stinson says, “Challenge Accepted!” We meticulously crafted ads, delivering light-hearted moments to those navigating tough times.

Project Overview:

We Write • We Film • You Earn

Things People Say

The Lonely Dance

Project Highlight

TAM Lending

TAM Lending, led by Gina, collaborated with us to overhaul their marketing system, aiming to outdo Zillow in lead generation. We revamped everything – from their website and funnels to ads, emails, and content. Today, everybody knows Gina around town for her hilarious content.

Project Overview:

We Write • We Film • You Earn

These Rates Blow

Local Neighborhood Tour

Enough Funny Business...

Yes, We Make Serious Content, Too!

While humor is our forte, business isn’t all fun and games. We excel in serious content as well. Beside the jests and jokes, we ensure your message hits the right note, be it light or profound. After all, why so not serious?

We also do the following:

Why So NOT Serious?

Justin Morgan VSL

5 Stages of Grief

Who To Trust In RE

Same Program, Different Results

Gina’s Networking Party

3 Investors


Does This Sound Like You?


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